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“A woman who loses her husband is called a widow.
A man who loses his wife is called a widower.
A child who loses its parents is called an orphan.
There is no word to describe a parent who loses a child, for there is no word to describe the pain.”

Horsham and District Sands is here to help when your baby has died either during your pregnancy, around the time of birth or within the first few weeks of life. Whether you are a mother or a father, family or friends, Horsham and District Sands can help you come to terms with what has happened
Without doubt any baby changes the lives of those around it, however for those whose babies never drew breath or only lived a short time, things are never the same again.
The death of a baby is the loss of a family member and therefore the loss of future hopes, plans and dreams. At Horsham and District Sands we know how precious and irreplaceable each baby is and how they will always remain an important part of the lives of all those who love them.
When a baby dies, parents often feel isolated believing that although friends and family are sympathetic, nobody truly understands what they are going through. At Horsham and District Sands we do understand as we have all been there too. We also understand from listening and supporting others that everyone's experience of bereavement is unique. Parents often tell us how much our empathic support has helped them to appreciate they are not alone in feeling as they do, and that hearing about the experience and feelings of others has helped them to make sense of and cope with their own loss.

If you are reading this page because you have lost a baby, whether recently or long ago, we are truly sorry. All of us in Horsham and District Sands have been affected by the tragic loss of a precious baby and we know how painful this grieving process is.

Meeting others who have suffered the same type of bereavement can be very helpful. You do not have to talk, it can help just to sit and listen. Just knowing that others have experienced the same devastating loss and yet still managed to get through can give you strength and hope. Whether you lost your baby recently or many years ago, you are very welcome at our Support Group meetings.

Horsham and District Sands has a handful of parents that have been trained to befriend other bereaved parents.
Befrienders are parents that have also experienced the death of a baby or babies so they have an understanding of what you are going through. A befriender can make contact with you via email, telephone, home visit, or meet up in a neutral place. All befrienders are volunteers; no payment is made to them. They are not counsellors, they are trained to offer care and support, to be non-judgemental and listen without prejudice.

If you would like to talk to someone but are not sure if a group meeting is right for you, several Sands members offer one-to-one befriending. Please contact our Support Coordinator. You will find contact details on the side of this page.

Our support line is manned by trained befrienders, please leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.
07596 210230

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